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Coulter Principle

The Coulter Principle utilizes an electric field to sense particles drawn by fluid flow through an aperture of defined size and measures the electric pulses generated. The pulses are then converted for size distribution and concentration measurements of particle suspended solutions. The Coulter Principle is the basis for any Coulter Counter instrument and is widely used in fields such as hematology where cell counts are important.

Typical Experimental Results:

multisizer 1


Abrasives Air Contamination Bacteria
Beverages Biomedical Industry Biotechnology
Cell Biology Ceramics Chemical-Mechanical Polishing
Chromatographic Material Clays Construction Industry
Cosmetics Electronic Industry Emulsion
Environmental Filtration & Filter Efficiency Food Industry
Fuel Hydraulic Fluids Marine Biology
Metals Microspheres Paints & Pigments
Paper Industry Pesticides Petrochemical Industry
Pharmaceuticals Photo Industry Powder Metallurgy
Toners Vaccines Water Contamination

For more information please read our application notes.

Instruments: Beckman Coulter Multisizer 4

multisizer 2

Key Specifications:

Particle Sizing Range 0.2 to 1600 μm diameter
Size Accuracy ±0.4% of aperture size
Number of Size Channels Up to 400





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